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Linda Allen-Hardisty, B.Ed., M.Ed., PPCC, PCC

Chair, The Executive Committee (TEC) Canada | Professional Coach | President

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Read Linda’s newest article for Queen’s University Industrial Relations Centre (IRC) and the introduction to her facilitation of the newly expanded program or download it here: Levels of Trust in Workplace Relationships

And her recent article on “Emotional Intelligence: How Leaders Can Use it to Their Advantage”
Queen’s University IRC

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Linda Allen-Hardisty supports business owners and leaders to achieve high-level outcomes with Leadership Coaching, Peer Advisory Groups (TEC Canada), or Organizational Development Consulting.

Linda has in-depth experience working with senior leadership in companies and organizations of all sizes, implementing change and increasing leadership skills and impact. She knows what’s needed to achieve success and uses customized methods to get there. Whether you’re a business owner, board member, senior leader or at the C-suite level, the benefits of working with Linda are achieving the clarity you need to reach your goals sooner, more buy-in from staff and impactful, practical leadership strategies.

To see Linda’s full background and certifications, connect with her on LinkedIn.

Prior to owning her own company, Linda held leadership positions at Farm Credit Canada (Director, Organizational Development) and the City of Regina (Manager, Strategy and Performance).

Linda’s ongoing professional development and certification includes:

The Executive Committee (TEC) Canada: Vistage International Foundations of Chairing (2015 San Diego) What’s this?

Executive Coaching: Professional Certified Coach (PCC) approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF); Concordia University’s Professional and Personal Coach Certificate (PPCC) Program

Leadership Assessment: Certified practitioner of EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360

Strategy Execution: Certified graduate of Palladium Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard Program

Organization Change: Organization Development Certificate, Queen’s University IRC

Organization Design: Trained in Strategic Organization Design, University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business


Step up your game. Linda’s successful approach combines support, challenge, and accountability. As an ICF certified coach, Linda coaches leaders as they “step up and into” their own development. Linda partners with you to focus on the critical inner work and external results that coaching provides. She coaches executives, business owners and senior leaders from across Canada for impact and success.

• Bi-weekly Coaching Sessions, in-person or virtual
• Emotional Intelligence Assessments: Self-Assessment Reports and 360 Reports

Linda Allen-Hardisty is a trained Leadership Coach through the Concordia University’s Professional and Personal Coach Certificate (PPCC) Program, and she is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), which is the professional designation granted by the International Coach Federation (ICF). With this ICF credential, Linda has earned the credibility conferred by the only globally recognized professional coaching credential.

I’ve said things aloud to you that I have never said to anyone; I needed to do that so I could think…you were my thinking partner, and now I am confident in my ability to deal better with challenges at work.

Vice President, 700-employees | energy sector

I have such a heightened sense of self-awareness now; your coaching session really made a huge difference for me.

Executive Director, 100-employees | social sector

You always have this sixth sense when to connect. You were instrumental in getting me to move through “the fog” and to get the process of clarity started. I would be more than happy to be a reference for you.

Manager, 20 employees | financial sector

You have a respectful and purposeful way of calling a spade a spade; there is no escaping your observations, and so very approachable.

CEO/President 500-employees | hospitality sector

Linda has been very genuine, caring and motivated to help me.

Business Owner

Linda is an active listener who first seeks to understand her client’s perspective regarding any situation being discussed.

Business Owner

Peer Advisory Groups / TEC Canada Chair

The Executive Committee (TEC) Canada is where successful people go to grow their leadership. Linda is a professionally trained TEC Canada Chair in Regina, Saskatchewan, and chairs business groups of owners and leaders from non-competing industries in a confidential setting. The TEC Canada approach exists to expand your mind, your business, your contribution and your community in a facilitated process. It is the only advisory approach in Saskatchewan that offers peer advisory boards for business leaders supported by one-to- one coaching, expert speakers, fast-paced learning and global networking. TEC Canada is a global peer advisory and leadership development community for executives and business owners. To find out more, go here.

Organizational Development Consulting

Success is planned.

Linda Allen-Hardisty helps leaders and organizations plan for success through:

  • Leadership Team Effectiveness
  • Organizational Review & Design
  • Strategy & Change

Leadership Team Effectiveness

Linda collaborates with leaders and their teams to improve their effectiveness in achieving results through:

  • Customized Design and Facilitation of Leadership Team Sessions
  • Emotional Intelligence: Individual Reports and Group Reports

Organizational Review & Design

Organization reviews, best practices research, and designs to create alignment around your organization’s strategy. The process can encompass structure, leadership capabilities, role accountabilities, and communication processes.

Strategy & Change

Navigating the change process at the project and organization levels. Depending on the size of the change, the approach can include a change impact assessment, readiness planning, implementation planning for talent retention and personal resilience, and/or the facilitation of strategy plan development (strategy map), implementation (Balanced Scorecard), and performance management process (progress reviews).

My team would benefit from going through a similar exercise with you as the facilitator. We need a strategic plan and it’s been a long time coming…we’re ready and I’d like your help.

This is the first time that I have worked with an Organization Change Consultant, and as a Sponsor, your role is extremely valuable to me and the team.

Your style and approach is so effective with this group as we reached consensus on this strategic decision. I’d like to recommend you to one of my colleagues.

Thanks for your help with our strategy and balanced scorecard…it’s a huge improvement from where we started.

I personally enjoyed working with Linda. She was professional, positive and was a great ally in coaching my leadership capabilities. I believe my experience with Linda will lead to better outcomes for the initiatives I undertake for my organization.

We couldn’t have done it without you. Now we have a Terms of Reference to guide our work as a new committee, thanks.


For leading edge leadership coaching, organizational development consulting, or to find out more about joining the TEC Canada peer advisory group, please contact:
Linda Allen-Hardisty, B.Ed., M.Ed., PCC


(306) 596-9200

Connect with Linda on LinkedIn

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